– law revision and study aids publishes legal study aids for undergraduate, post-graduate and professional law revision. – Revision and Study Aids for Law Students provides mind map study aids for students revising for law degrees (LLB), theGraduate Diploma in Law (GDL), the Legal Practice Course (LPC) and the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC).

The mind maps focus on core subjects in the LLB, GDL, BPTC and LPC. They are a time-saving law revision tool and a scientifically proven way to help law students to memorise the vast amounts of information they are required to learn for these courses. The information – including case names, statute, regulations and commentary – has been sourced from academic and practitioner texts and distilled into succinct, colourful mind maps which can be purchased via this website. They help students to visualize how concepts are related, and how the law has developed over time. Short phrases, colour coding and formatting are essential ways in which we believe students are able to retain more information than standard methods of law revision.

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