New Year’s Resolution Show – a media and events company

The New Year’s Resolution Show is a media, events, and editorial brand that inspires consumers to be more in the New Year – and for the rest of their lives.

With an upcoming TV show and consumer events being planned, the New Year’s Resolution Show explores a range of products, activities and companies that can help consumers to acheive their New Year’s resolutions.

So often people know what they want to achieve – they just don’t know what will really work for them, which is why they may not have succeeded in their resolutions in the past. Other people want to make a New Year’s Resolution for themselves, but they just don’t know what it should be. The New Year’s Resolution Show draws together numerous providers of activities, advice and inspiration so people can find the right resolution for them.

The website provides native advertising and branded content opportunities for brands. The TV show will be a sponsorable media property.

Full of exhibition stands, demonstration areas and participatory activities, the New Year’s Resolution Show event will be a fun and interactive live experience which challenges the concept of New Year’s Resolutions: they should always be focused on enjoying life. The event will be the only event of its kind. Consumers can expect a fun, interactive and educational live experience with a range of organisations offering the best activities, advice & inspiration to fulfil self-improvement goals. Not only will they get to talk to various organisations that can demonstrate different ways to achieve goals, consumers will get to try out various experiences to see what’s right for them.

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